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Spectacular Sunset

January 2014 Sunset
January 2014 Sunset

Last night, the sunset in Colorado was spectacular.  This shot was taken first, facing southeast, on Auto setting.  Notice the colors, cloud swirls and blue in the picture.

Only moments later, I took this next picture, again on Auto setting, and notice the profound color changes!  Isn’t it gorgeous???



Then I turned further west and took this picture, also on Auto setting.   The sky was a glorious riot of color last night at the end of a beautiful 60-degree day in Colorado.


Today, January 4th, it’s snowing like crazy and only 20 degrees!     That’s how it is in Colorado.


8 thoughts on “Spectacular Sunset

    1. Indeed, Keli. If I tried to paint a sky like this with oil paints, it would look “fake” and overdone. But on the canvas of the Creator, beauty knows no bounds! Thanks for stopping by.


      1. That is wonderful…joy spread around right and left, so it seems.

        Heading southward to the Pacific Ocean to see what I can see…get some work done I have to do and have a little fun while I am at it.

        Paulette Motzko


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