General · January

A Little Teacher

Our neighbors’ little dog got loose the other day.  There were not home.  The UPS truck nearly hit the little dog.  Terrified, cold, and wary of strangers, Lucky, the little dog, would not let me help him.

For nearly two hours, I tried to get him into our backyard or garage to warm-up.  I even tempted him with treats, which he refused.  He simply growled and ran away every time I tried to help him.

I felt so helpless and frustrated that I yelled at heaven:  “What good is it to see someone or something in need of help then they won’t let you help them?  What’s the point?”

That’s when I heard, like a still, small voice, what I’ve been missing most of my life:  “There’s help all around you, yet you keep refusing it, too.”

That was a lightning-bolt moment of profound realization for me.  I pray and ask for help, yet when I’m through “asking,” I go right back to complaining, blaming, arguing and defending my right and reasons for being fat, unemployed, facing financial challenges, frustration, etc.

In short, nothing changes for me because I keep “growling” and doing the same things I’ve always done.  I constantly refuse to accept the help all around me and just keep whining.

So I say “Thank you, Lucky, my little teacher.”  Because of you and the lesson you taught me, I am declaring this to be my year of miracles, of taking action, and finally letting go of the past.

Here’s Lucky.  (And, yes, he’s fine and safe and warm at home again.)

Little Teacher

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