General · January

Dancing in Contrasts

Today at Barnes and Noble, I was perusing a beautiful book by National Geographic.  It’s called  National Geographic Dawn to Dark Photographs:  The Magic of Light.  (Here’s the link to Amazon and, no,  I’m not an affiliate): 

I was awed by the exquisite beauty captured in so many of the pictures.  People, places, tragedies and celebrations were all there, captured by the lenses of various photographers.  In all of them, what I noticed most was the dramatic interplay of shadows and sun rays, darkness and light, all in contrast yet dancing together to create unforgettable and gorgeous vignettes of life.  As a beginning photographer, I aspire to capturing such beauty myself with my camera.

Yet even more profound than the photographic lesson I learned today is the life lesson I learned.  To create an inspiring and unforgettable life story, one must strive to find balance, appreciate the contrasts, and learn to dance in the shadows and sun rays, the darkness and the light of life.

Unfortunately, my picture today is not a study in contrasts.  I’m still learning about my camera and about photography.  This picture was taken in full daylight.  It’s an interesting little rest area on a hill in our local park.  While photographing it, I couldn’t help imagining 500 years from now,  if it is still standing, perhaps some archaeologist will stumble upon it and consider it the discovery of a lifetime!


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