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Photo Editing Software, Help Please?

Is there a photo-editing software program that you prefer?  I’m looking for something inexpensive, easy to use, and with enough flexibility and features to create photographic “magic.”

I would appreciate any feedback on this subject.  I’ve been looking at the programs listed in the poll below;  however, I’m open to other suggestions.

Thanks for the help.

I did use Windows Photo Gallery edits on the picture below.    The first picture is the “before” edits picture.   The second is the edited picture.  I can tell a difference.  Can you?



4 thoughts on “Photo Editing Software, Help Please?

      1. You can start with these free presets:

        Then these:

        Then you can always do a search for more. I think Adobe has some presets that come with the program, but the community has people posting their own, sharing them with others.

        Presets are a good way to see what the various controls do (i.e. choose a preset, see what the adjustments are, play with the sliders to see the effect).


        1. Once again, thank you. I’ll be checking all of this out tonight. I think I’m in for a fun evening. And, I appreciate the fact that you’re so willing to share your knowledge and experience.


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