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Beauty in the Mundane

The purpose of this blog is to document a personal quest.    I am bored, restless and frustrated with the mundane, little world around me, and starved for beauty and inspiration.

My goal with this 365-day photo challenge is to uncover beauty in places I’ve never looked before – places right here, in my own home, backyard, city and state.  My goal is to change ME, the way I see,  and how I show-up in the world around me.

I live in a busy, crowded suburb of a big city, which for me equates to BORING.  I have long envied those who create stunning photos like FS Photography  or Derwent Valley Photography (wow), or Vit Peyr  who are surrounded by history, beauty, and the wonders of the world.

Yet I know there is still beauty to be found all around me if I only have “the eyes to see it.”  So, I’ve decided to “grow where I’m planted,” to open my eyes, and to appreciate the beautiful gems of life right here in my own little world.

Already, through the lens of my camera, I have begun to discover many things I’ve too long taken for granted and beauty I have long overlooked.

Truly, I am discovering that ordinary things can become beautiful when seen through the eyes of appreciation, gratitude, or love.


Comments, Suggestions, Kudos, Anyone?

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