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Within or Without?

At the start of this year, I set myself a challenge for the entire 365 days of 2104, to actively seek and find  beauty in what I have regarded as my mundane, boring life in suburbia.  I will admit at first it was a challenge – and still is at times.

Yet, lately I’ve begun to wonder.   Where does beauty come from –  within us or without?

Nothing has changed in my life so far in 2014, yet since I have made it my goal to focus on seeing and appreciating beauty, I’m finding it all around me, in the simplest things.

Clearly, for me, beauty must come from within – with the desire to seek it, create it, find it, and appreciate it.  Simple awareness for me has uncovered great beauty unrecognized – or unappreciated -by me before.

This morning, while pondering these “deep” thoughts, I looked out an upstairs window and witnessed the most beautiful sunrise.

Behold the promise of a glorious day in this morning’s sunrise!

Morning's Promise
Morning’s Promise

Yet such exquisite beauty must be appreciated in the moment for all too soon, the canvas changes!

Only Moments Later
Only Moments Later

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