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Living in Suburbia

I dream of Paris.  I also dream of Rome, Dublin, London.  I’ve been to Paris and Rome, though it was many years ago, and well before cameras could capture all the beauty they do now.  I’ve also been to Jerusalem and Athens.  Thank God for the memories.

The cities of Colorado are so young and “wild” in many ways, just like the characters who founded many of them.  A history of two hundred years, give or take a few either way, isn’t old by European standards.  We have ghost towns.  Europe has soaring cathedrals and grand castles many centuries old.

Today, on my way to the store to pick-up a couple of items for dinner I was thinking of cathedrals, castles, piazzas….and shopping carts?   NOT!

My daydream of European glory was interrupted by a shopping cart I nearly hit because a previous shopper was unable, or unwilling, to walk 10 feet to the cart corral to put it away.

In order to spare the next driver  a near-hit-or-miss with the cart, I walked it to the corral and did my “save someone’s car for the day” good deed.   It was a pathetically small thing to do, I know.  Yet, someone else couldn’t bring themselves to do it all.

For one brief moment, I felt good…not because of what I did, but simply because I did it.

Life in the ‘burbs…how I’d love to trade in shopping carts for castles and cathedrals.  Or, would I?

Life in the "burbs.
Life in the “burbs.

2 thoughts on “Living in Suburbia

  1. You’ll find it’s harder to move a castle or cathedral though… Lol.. Although I have to agree, they do tend to be slightly more desirable… Well, that is until you’re trying to get your shopping to the car in a castle!!…


    1. Gosh, I hadn’t thought about the shopping challenges associated with castles. See, it’s all about appreciating where you’re at and where I’m at, well, it sure isn’t a castle, but I can load up my car with groceries quite handily. Thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate your comment AND I love your photography.


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