General · January

Out of Focus

For whatever reason, I’ve been experiencing a bout of dizziness for the last 24 hours.   Have you ever tried to focus on a photo shot through a lens that is spinning and everything is out of focus?

In spite of the spinning room, spinning sky, and crazy moon flying over the darkening sky last night, I did take this picture before the clouds rolled-in shortly afterwards.

Now, I apologize in advance if this picture is a bit fuzzy or out of focus.  If you saw it through my eyes today, it would look like a ball bouncing on your monitor.

Also, if this post has any typos or seems senseless, again I apologize.  The words on my monitor look like a piece of sheet music – so I’m just playing along and, hopefully, the “melody” I’m creating is, at least, enjoyable.

May the rest of you be blessed with “solid ground” and a firm foot on the world.   : )

Moon in the Trees
Moon in the Trees

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