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Tea Time and a Good Book

Nothing warms my heart on a cold day like a good book and a cup of nice, hot Twining’s Orange Bliss Tea.

In hopes of capturing the “warm fuzzy” of the moment I was enjoying, I took this photograph in natural light, no flash, with my new Samsung camera.  It didn’t go so very well.   After taking many shots, from various angles, this is the best I could do.  Sigh….

Tea Time
Tea Time

This much I can say for sure.   I have developed a true respect and appreciation for the knowledge and/or artistic “eye” of a skilled photographer.

I’m learning that so many of the beautiful photographs I enjoy on various blogs  like eTravelog, a blog about Michael’s travels through Europe as an au pair with stunning pictures of the Alps, and Eyes to Heart   with all her lovely horse and animal pictures, require time and focus – and, yes, great subject matter, too.

Great subject matter is something I DON”T have.  My little home is tired and worn out and needs a “face-lift.”   And, I’d be happy if I could have one, too.  🙂    (Maybe I just need to smile more…)

Unfortunately, I’m not in a position to travel, which I would dearly love to do given the resources to do so.

Some days my life seems devoid of beauty, so simple and mundane.  I’ve come to realize this more and more as I search for beauty through my camera’s lens.

So, is it my world or me who is devoid of beauty?

Is beauty a matter of simple appreciation for where we are and who we are with?   Or am I just not looking in the right places?  Is beauty first discovered within before one can see it without?

It seems that my blog has now evolved into a personal quest for beauty – and the finding, creating, and appreciation of it.

Who knew  on January 1, 2014, that my camera would lead me on an intensely personal journey of self-discovery?  Welcome to my self-study course, Finding Beauty 101.

7 thoughts on “Tea Time and a Good Book

  1. I have a couple of posts on photography (the ‘how to’ aspect of it – nearly all my posts have photographs in them). Don’t want to push it here, so if interested just go to the blog, scroll down the right side under “categories”, and under “writing” there is a sub-category titled “photography-how-to”.

    Not technical; mostly practical advice. However, you can forego all that . . . it basically comes down to practice.


      1. One thing . . . if you look at the equipment I have, you might get the notion to become discouraged.

        Try to avoid that. You can also do a search on Samsung on the blog, and see all the photos I post that were taken with just a phone.

        For more inspiration, you could go here:

        Early on she was Freshly Pressed (her blog is the one I mention in my FP Ward post), and all of her photos were taken with a phone camera.

        This is a good example of the kind of things she does:


  2. I love the premise of your blogging adventure of the course of the year. You will have quite a scrapbook of images and memories come New Year’s Eve 🙂

    To go off on a slightly philosophical tangent, there is beauty in what appear to be the most mundane circumstances. And that in itself is beautiful. My son recently began a photography class filled with various assignments in the community.

    I was amazed at the eye-opening observations and insights that came about because I was helping him to look at ordinary objects in different ways, from different angles, crouching down, lying on your back, zoomed in or out, different lighting conditions. The most stunning image I saw him take on a particular day, the grain in a piece of plywood.

    Enjoy your adventure, you will find much beauty, I assure you. And you have done a wonderful job of capturing the warmth and coziness of a good book and cup of tea 😉

    Best wishes for an inspired day!


    1. Thank you so very much for your comment and encouragement. I was feeling a little “low”, but you’ve certainly helped bolster my spirits in my quest to find beauty.

      I found the tips you shared from your son’s photography class most helpful. I think a change of view is in order for me!

      Again, thank you so much for the “visit” and I wish you a beautiful day!


    1. Thanks, Michael. Obviously, I have forgotten that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Thanks for the encouragement and all my best to you on your journey!


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