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A Little Ahhhh….

A Little Ahhhh....
A Little Ahhhh….

I really like how the Vignette Effect in Photoshop Elements 11 minimized the “busy-ness” of the background  in this picture since I wanted the real focus to be on the bunny without making the picture look too sterile.

How I wish there was a Vignette Effect Tool for Life that could help us focus on what really matters rather than getting lost in all the “busy-ness” and distractions we encounter each day.

I began this blog 44 days ago with the goal of learning photography and how to see life differently through the lens of my camera.  Now, I can honestly say that I’m learning a great deal about photography, and even more about myself and life.

So far, Photography and Photoshop Elements 11 has taught me to:

  • Aim for the highest and best outcome for all concerned
  • Focus on the beauty each day has to offer
  • Edit out the negativity of small-mindedness and pettiness and try to see the bigger picture
  • Sharpen my skills and learn something new every day
  • “Feather” the edges of my relationships with compassion and understanding.  Less judgment and more love creates a lovely “Effect.”
  • “Filter” sharp words before they are spoken and Layer them with understanding and kindness instead

I still have much to learn – about photography and life – yet I am so grateful to have made this 365-day commitment to see the world “as my camera sees it.”

Maybe I’ve found life’s Vignette Tool after all and it’s as simple as committing to a goal and going for it!