March 2014 · Photography

Back in the Game

Today, photos!

I’ve been reading so much about photography, composition, lighting, etc., that I neglected to do the most obvious thing of all – learn how to USE my Samsung WB 800F 21x Smart Camera first!   And that is exactly what I have been doing today.

So, here’s where I started …

Good Place to Start
Good Place to Start

Notice the user’s manual in this picture?   Duh….

Also, there is a snippet of Leanne Cole’s excellent Beginners Basics for Your DSLR course in the background, which I am also studying and am so glad I purchased.

This picture was shot using the “Magic Plus” setting, split-style mode, and I LOVE this option.

You have 4 choices for shooting split-style pictures – 2-frame vertical or horizontal shots or 3 frame vertical or horizontal shots.  I used the 2-frame horizontal option for this shot.

You can also change the sharpness of the dividing line between photos by adjusting the line-blur value.  This picture was shot with the 2-frame horizontal split and a line blur value of 6.

You can also apply Smart Filter effects to part of the shot, which I still need to learn.

This next picture was shot using the 3-split horizontal mode and  I was pleased with what I saw.  I just wish I had picked my subject matter a little better, but, hey, this was right in front of me and my camera was in my hand, so, voila.

Again, Leanne Cole’s Beginners Basics course is in the foreground because it has been my photography bible for the last week and seems to be everywhere I am!

3-split shot mode
3-split shot mode

So, am I the only one who didn’t know about split-shot options with DSLR’s ?   I can’t believe I’m just now discovering it.

Would anyone else like to share their favorite shooting modes or features?

Obviously, I’m like a sponge right now eager to soak up all I can learn about photography and seeing the world through the lens of my camera.

Thanks for stopping by and if  you care to share your thoughts or comments, even more thanks!

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