Weekly Photo Challenge-Perspective

Weekly Photo Challenge – Perspective

Marcus Aurelius said:  “Everything we hear is an opinion,  not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.”

It’s sometimes hard to remember this when we see our world, and most of all, ourselves,  through rose-colored glasses.

Rose Colored Glasses
Rose Colored Glasses

11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge-Perspective

  1. An excellent quotation to ponder today, and such an interesting “perspective” for the photo 😉 A wonderful shot. And a question: If all we see is hearsay, and all we see merely a perspective on the whole; from whence comes our direct knowledge? Best wishes, WG

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    1. Ah, THAT is the question, isn’t it? “From whence comes our direct knowledge?”

      Pontius Pilate, Shakespeare, and many others have pondered that one question in one form or another for centuries, I doubt that the answer can even be found in words…only within.

      Thanks you so much for stopping by and offering your profound insight, Woodandgnome. May your perspective this day be “rosy.” 🙂


    1. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your comment, Why?Matters. Our perspective “colors” our world and we sometimes forget that not everyone sees life in “living color” or in the “color” we do. Great to meet you here in “cyberspace.”


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