As My Camera Sees It · March 2014

Bible Park

“We believed in our idea – a family  park where parents and children could have fun- together.
Walt Disney

While Walt Disney took his idea of a fun day at the park to the ultimate level, I believe children, and adults, just need a place to get away and relax.  Then the fun takes care of itself.

There’s a lovely park in Denver called Bible Park.  There are no rides, no castles, no Mickey Mouse.  Yet, there’s plenty of fun to be enjoyed.

Just ask these children.  They sure looked like they were having fun and so were their dads!

Dads' Day with the Kids
Dads’ Day with the Kids

And then there were the bikers sailing down the canal path.

Bikers in Bible Park
Bikers in Bible Park

Here are some loyal softball fans eagerly awaiting the opening of softball season next month when this park will really come alive.

Eager Fans
Eager Fans

And last, but not least, the four-legged park lovers who always have fun no matter what!



Have you turned off your cell phone and just had fun in the park lately?  I highly recommend it – once you can get there without the snow!

3 thoughts on “Bible Park

    1. Thank you. For me, the simple things aren’t always so simple. I like that picture, too, and I think you found the right word for them – “magical.”


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