Entertaining · March 2014

Salt, Pepper and Love

“It is a fine seasoning for joy to think of those we love.”

Since I began posting on this blog for the first time New Year’s Eve 2013, my intention then was to achieve a new perspective on life, one based on appreciation of the little things, the overlooked things, the things I take for granted.

Now, with the help of my camera, I see shadows as beautiful, upside-down viewpoints as intriguing, and exquisite beauty in simplicity – as in these salt and pepper shakers.

Once filled with delicious honey, they have been put to yet more service providing the finishing touches to many a delicious meal.

This photo of these recycled honey jars is now part of a beautiful memory of a meal shared in the home of family.

Salt and pepper season our meals.  Love seasons our lives.

Salt and Pepper Love
Salt and Pepper Love

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