Animals · March 2014

Squirrel-y Friend

“Lots of people talk to animals…. Not very many listen, though…. That’s the problem.”
Benjamin Hoff,   The Tao of Pooh

I’ve always talked to animals and I’m pretty sure they talk back.  In fact, some of the most intelligent conversations I’ve had some days have been with my four-legged friends.

The other day while taking a walk, I was joined by this little fella.

Little Walking Companion
Little Walking Companion

He walked right beside me most of the way for about a mile.  Sometimes he scampered to his hidden stash for some nourishment.

Up a Tree
Up a Tree

When he finally found a peanut, I stood only a few feet away and I swear he offered me a bite of his lunch.

Want Some Lunch?
Want Some Lunch?

And then we just talked a bit….or rather I talked while he ate.

I'm Listening!
I’m Listening!

My friends are all precious and fun – and, yes, some of them are even a bit squirrel-y.   🙂

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