Mystery Lights – Or Not

“We have to stop and be humble enough to understand that there is something called mystery.”
Paulo Coelho

What ARE these lights???   Does anyone have a clue or is it a mystery without an explanation?

A Close Encounter?
A Close Encounter?

Actually, no, these lights are not a mystery.   This one is easily solved…

Mystery Solved
Mystery Solved

But what about the many reports of unexplained mysterious lights that so many people see in our skies all over the world?  Are they all crazy?  Or are government leaders with all the answers just weather-balloon crazy???

Obviously I’m not privy to the facts about UFO’s and the many mysteries in our world, but I love to think about all the possibilities that exist that we haven’t yet discovered.

In 2013,  Colorado ranked 4th per capital  for UFO sightings according to this article.   I guess that’s no surprise considering all the military bases we have here, not to mention Buckley Air National Guard with its mysterious big white domes or NORAD at Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado Springs. 

While I think I’d like to know if there really are aliens on our planet, I admit to loving a good mystery and enjoy reading the many theories and speculation about UFO’s, aliens, and mystery lights.

Do we really want to know the truth?  Do you?

Sometimes the mysteries of life are what keep it interesting.

As for me, there is nothing more mysterious than human beings (let alone aliens)  and the inner journey to “know one’s self.”

7 thoughts on “Mystery Lights – Or Not

  1. One thing you might think about adding is a box that allows people to subscribe to comment threads:

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    1. And it’s what doesn’t meet the eye sometimes that makes life so interesting to me, Nancy. I think people who have to know and have an explanation for everything are denying themselves the joy of “revelation” by being open to the possibility that some things are beyond our ability to limit them by definition.


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