More Signs of Spring

“Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!” 
Robin Williams

I couldn’t agree more with Robin Williams.  The last few days here in Colorado have had a definite party atmosphere.

Or is it just that I’m knee-deep in spring house-cleaning, painting, and de-cluttering in preparation for an Easter party in just over one week???

Perhaps it’s a whole lot of both!

Whatever it is, I’m listening to the music from “Gladiator” as I type this and attack the massive de-cluttering project on my agenda for today.

In the meantime, back to my spring evening in Cherry Creek North!   Just click on the pictures for an enlarged view.


Trees in bloom!
Trees in bloom!

More trees – not in bloom, but growing on a rooftop!

Rooftop trees
Rooftop trees

Where to find old and rare books – The Hermitage Bookstore

Love this Bookstore
Love this Bookstore

And a gorgeous moon at sunset –

Lovely moon in April
Lovely moon in April

And what better way to end a lovely evening than Starbuck’s?



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