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Mindfulness – NOT!

Lately I’ve been reading a lot about mindful living and mindful eating and “being in the moment.”  One lesson is to savor each bite of food and eat with gratitude.

Yesterday, while eating lunch, my husband interrupted me with a smile when I was talking (and eating)  to ask if I was enjoying my sandwich.

Smart A**.     No wonder he was smiling.

So, how am I doing with mindful eating?   Not so very good, methinks!

Mindful Eating - NOT
Mindful Eating – NOT

7 thoughts on “Mindfulness – NOT!

    1. Evidently, Nancy, I live a whole lot more unconsciously than I do consciously, however, I like the way you think so, yes, I mindfully decided not to eat the crust while unmindfully running my mouth while I ate! 🙂


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