April Sunrise and Snow

It was 70 degrees here in Colorado on Saturday.  Yesterday it was in the 30’s.

This morning, Monday,  it’s 20 degrees and this is what the sunrise looked like this April 14th gloriously beautiful morning!

Sunrise Light Ray
Sunrise Light Ray
More Brrrr... Ice in April
More Brrrr… Ice in April


8 thoughts on “April Sunrise and Snow

    1. It will stop soon – and then I won’t like the 90+ degree hot days so very much either! But then, the weather gives lots of people something to talk about, doesn’t it?

      It’s supposed to be 70 degrees on Easter Sunday so warm weather is on its way again. Be Encouraged, indeed! Thanks for stopping by.


    1. For sure, Nancy, we’ve had some dramatic spikes in temps up and down. Still, I love it here in Colorado. And you can’t beat the LACK of humidity during the hot summer months! This afternoon, it’s sweater weather again. 🙂


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