And things that go bump in the night!

More Wind
More Wind

Wind and more wind in Colorado, for three days and nights.

Wind – and all those things that go “bump in the night” with 60+ mph gusts.   It makes me jumpy.

Sleeping.  Startled awake.  “What was that?”  (Gasp) Heart racing…..

Listen.  Listen harder.   Then another gust and another “bump.”  Nerves frayed.  Sleep deprived.  Jumpy and on-edge.

Springtime in Colorado.  Flowers blooming.  Wind howling.  The Good, The Lovely, and the Ugly.

Today, another day of wind.

Yet for all the annoyance, my complaints pale in significance to the suffering of many in Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama and others living in Tornado Alley.

I’m only annoyed.  They’re devastated.  Everything is relative.

I can handle wind gusts in Colorado.   I can only pray for those experiencing tornadoes in other states.    Bless them all and save them from the horror of deadly bumps in the night.

5 thoughts on “Wind!

    1. For sure, Richard, I’m not a happy camper when the winds blow for three days. It even makes pets restless and edgy. Still, I do count my blessings that I’m in Colorado and not Arkansas.


    1. Truly, Nancy, it’s silly to complain about the wind here when others are overwhelmed with devastation from tornadoes. Still, it does make me edgy and I will be glad when it “blows away.”


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