As My Camera Sees It · May 2014

The Kentucky Derby

… my way.

Pixellated version of KD
Pixellated version of KD

Last Friday, Nancy at Spirit Lights the Way had an excellent suggestion.   Why not take a virtual vacation? I liked the idea so much I took her suggestion to heart.

Saturday, I “went” to the Kentucky Derby.  I clipped pictures of ladies in beautiful hats, and gorgeous horses, and made some chai  tea.  (I’m not a big fan of mint.)

For two hours, I reveled in the “atmosphere” of Derby Day via HD TV and could almost feel the buzz of excitement.

When the race began, my husband and I cheered and hollered and carried on like “dumbasses.”  (This is a reference to the owners of the derby winner, California Chrome.  They call themselves the “Dumbasses” and they were cheering like crazy.)

We were “almost” there amidst all the excitement.  And we had great fun.

Thanks to Nancy’s suggestion, our virtual adventure at the Kentucky Derby was a lovely “get-away” – without all the traffic!

I took lots of pictures and had fun being creative and trying different edit techniques.

For the picture above, I used the “pixellate” feature at PicMonkey.

For the picture below, I used the “focal” feature.

Getaways – virtual or real – are good for the soul.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m doing a fitness challenge and need to go work-out!

Kentucky Derby Focal
Kentucky Derby Focal

2 thoughts on “The Kentucky Derby

    1. It was FUN, Nancy. My husband even enjoyed it. We often forget that having fun sometimes is simply relaxing and, as you say often, just enjoying the moment. And that we did – thanks to your virtual getaway idea.


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