Flowers · May 2014

“April Showers

… bring May flowers.”

Ooooppppsss!     Mother Nature didn’t get the memo.

My flowers are somewhere
My flowers are somewhere


Spring in Colorado
Spring in Colorado


14 thoughts on ““April Showers

  1. Yup, my BFF in Denver told me – and now we’ve changed our plans to drive from Toronto to Vegas across the I40 (southern states) versus the planned I80, and visit with her in Denver for a day or two. 😦 Stupid snow.


    1. Oh, bummer. I’m sure your friend is disappointed, too.

      This snow, I think, has changed a lot of plans, especially Mother’s Day plans. Still, I hope you have a wonderful trip and hit a BIG jackpot in Vegas. That would be great compensation for the inconvenience I would think.


      1. Oh, it’s not THAT type of trip. 🙂
        We have our second home there. The appeal was the mountains (hiking). Neither if us is much of a gambler. Probably best that way if you spend 50% of your time there. 😉


        1. Oh, for sure, Nancy. Now I understand. I’m not a gambler myself so I totally agree with you.

          I’m sorry you won’t be able to hike the mountains, although many paths are still inaccessible after last September’s flood and this spring’s run-off. Already some of the rivers are near flood stage after this current wet snow and there are major concerns about the spring run-off causing even bigger problems. Perhaps a fall hike might work better than right now anyway.


          1. I’m sorry I’m not being clear. 🙂
            We bought the place in Vegas because we are surrounded by mountains. 🙂
            You haven’t been reading my blog very long – but if you search on the word “hiking” you’ll probably find a bunch of posts come up. 🙂
            I see lots of hiking starting for me next week! Can’t wait!


            1. NOW I understand, Nancy. I’ve just spent the most enjoyable 25 minutes reading your interesting, sometimes snarky, yet thoroughly enjoyable blog. You’ve had some amazing hikes and stories to tell.


              1. I just finished reading your post above. Wow! Interesting indeed. And the view? From the photos, such gorgeous vistas. Well worth the extra effort, right?


    1. I hope it’s only the 80’s and then stays there and no higher for the rest of the summer. 🙂

      I don’t think I’d make a very good Florida girl with the heat and humidity. It makes me a tad cranky.


    1. For sure, Jim, it’s a Colorado spring. It’s supposed to be 87 degrees this Friday. Gotta love it. It’s never boring. Thanks for the visit and comment. Hope to “see”you again.


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