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Bloomin’ Flower or Maybe Not

Husband:   “Honey, can you remember what we planted in that big pot near the patio last year?  I think there’s a weed coming up, but I’m not sure.”

Me:   “Yes.  It was a citronella plant and I think it should be back this year.  Let me take a look.”

Uh…    Hello citronella…

Citronella? Maybe not.
Citronella? Maybe not.

5 thoughts on “Bloomin’ Flower or Maybe Not

    1. I hope so, too, Kate. Both my husband and I were surprised when we headed out to the pot to see the plant growing there and saw “Chipper” there instead. It appears that a peanut had been hiding in the pot and the plant, whatever it was, is a goner now. Good luck with your citronella! They really are pretty when they bloom.


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