As My Camera Sees It

Remembering Spring 2018 …

My last post in this blog was in 2014, right before my older sister died.  She was the most supportive and interested fan of my blog.  After her passing, it was too difficult for me to post or share anything here.

Now, this snowy spring of 2018, I’m ready to once again see the world as my camera sees it.  Many things have changed.  I have a new camera.  I’m learning surface pattern design.  And I am nurturing a strong desire to create beauty in any media that I can – photography, art, painting, knitting, designing, sewing, writing and digital art.  Consequently, there’s no telling what will show up now on this blog.  Even cooking is not off limits!

So, here’s to renewed joy for living and to the creation of beauty – even if it’s only seen and appreciated as my camera sees it.

And here’s to you, big sister.  I love you and miss you!



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