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Howl at the Moon

How are you celebrating tonight with our rare Friday the 13th full moon?

Howl at the Moon is a rock ‘n roll, dueling piano bar near Coor’s Field in LoDo Denver and I bet it’s packed tonight with lots of “howlers.”

Be safe.

Have fun.

And just for the heck of it, howl at the moon wherever you are and see what happens!

Howl at the Moon

Howl at the Moon


The Money Museum

The Money Museum

$30,000,000 is what you  can see if you visit the Money Museum in Denver.  It’s a lot of money, but barely a trickle when it comes to our current deficit.

If you’ve ever wondered what happens to the old, damaged currency that’s pulled out of circulation, you can find your answer at the Money Museum.
They have it!

And they also have a $100,000 bill.

(Photo and more information courtesy of Business Insider  )

You can also see historic currency or do your own redesign of our U.S. currency.

If you’re walking the 16th Street Mall in Denver some lovely summer day, take a few minutes and visit the Money Museum.

It might be the closest you’ll ever get to $30,000,000!!!  :)


Walking in Flowers

As I’ve walked this past week, I’ve seen so many beautiful flowers.   Here are just a few of them.

The first two are Colorado Columbines.

Colorado Columbine

Colorado Columbine

I had fun editing this one and love the way it came out.

Columbine edited

Columbine edited

And finally, these Violas – or Johnny Jump-Ups.   I think they’re sweet.



Words and Wins

“For by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.”
Matthew 12:37

Based on personal experience, I believe in the power of words, yet time and time again I fail to be vigilant about the words I say.

Once upon a time, my favorite “buzz”word was “kick.”  Everything, from a person to an experience, good or bad was, in my opinion,  a “real kick.”

Then came the day when those “kicks” came back to roost when I got kicked by a horse and suffered a severe leg injury.  It took nearly a year to recover from that “kick” and, no, it wasn’t fun!

Then, I came to my senses and realized that words, at least for me, were powerful, so I took charge.  I changed my words.  I declared myself a “winner” and “so very blessed.”

For six months, I chose loving, positive words and only words I wanted to experience for myself or others.  I told myself I was a “winner.”  I was “blessed” and life was a “glorious, fun adventure.”

In short order, my words bore fruit when my husband and I WON a brand new car!  The world bore witness to the power of my words.



My life went from being a painful “kick” to being blessed and beautiful.

Yet even after this powerful demonstration of the power of words, I got careless.  I succumbed to the world news and all the fear-mongering of the press and media.

My words changed from loving and blessing to words of fear – “unemployment,” “recession,” “hard times,” “no money,” “I’m so fat” – and those things have also manifested for me.

Truly, my world has readily reflected my words.

Fortunately, each new day I have the opportunity to choose again what I believe in – fear or love.

And so do you.  Have you paid attention to your words lately?

I’d humbly suggest you choose them carefully.  You just might be writing your own life script!


For those who are interested, here are some facts about the world in 1983 when unemployment was even higher than it is today:

When we won our new car in early 1983, the unemployment rate was 10.4% with over 2,200,000 people looking for work.  Unemployment was higher then than in 2008 or any year since.

The USSR and the USA were conducting underground nuclear tests every 2-3 months.   The PLO was causing havoc in the Middle East.   Israel and Lebanon were at war.

Pope John Paul II wasn’t a saint yet and Ronald Reagan was enjoying his biggest acting job of all as President of the United States.

The world was in turmoil then as it is now.


… this!

Hope in the Heavens

Hope in the Heavens

I call it “Hope in the Heavens.”

There’s something about a new moon that  lifts my spirits and helps me believe that there’s  always hope and always something grand to believe in.

Last night it occurred to me that perhaps I should start believing in myself … for the first time.





…after the rain.

Green and fresh

Green and fresh

And some gorgeous clouds.



What a day for a day-dream.

True Hero

Today the biggest Memorial Day tribute in the United States took place at Folsom Field in Boulder, Colorado.

It’s an annual event that takes place at noon every Memorial Day at the conclusion of the BolderBOULDER.

Unfortunately, in the last 5 months since pot became legal in Colorado, most of the focus in Colorado and the nation has been on that one subject.

Today, however, the focus was on veterans who have so bravely served and are still serving in our Armed Forces.

Two WWII veterans were especially honored today in Boulder, both having fought in the horrendous battle of Iwo Jima.  One of them, Jack Thurman, is a family friend.

Here are some  pictures of Jack that I took as we watched the whole event on TV.

So young…

Jack Thurman

Jack Thurman

On Iwo Jima…

On Iwo Jima

On Iwo Jima

After the long, bloody battle, Jack is on far left lifting his helmet high after the raising of the American flag on Iwo Jima!

After the Flag was Raised

After the Flag was Raised

Below is Jack today – a true hero and a good man!

Thank you, Jack, and thank you to all our veterans!

Have you thanked a Vet today?

Jack today.

Jack today.



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