I am J and welcome to my world – as my camera sees it.

The main focus of this blog is to document, through the lens of my camera, my search for the beautiful and unique in the mundane and ordinary world around me.

I invite you to (respectfully) comment, critique, advise, laugh, and share with me my journey as I attempt to “find myself” now on the far side of youth!


And so it begins…



13 thoughts on “About

    1. I’m so glad to “meet” you, Ann. I visited your blog and you are correct when you say we have similar blogging goals. Here’s to the journey ahead and to many fruitful blogging encounters! I especially like your post about Fear and Anxiety. It got me thinking – a lot!


    1. Thank you, sweet Patty. It’s enough for me to be appreciated. I truly enjoy your blog and my comments on your blog and other blogs is just my way of reciprocating hopefully value for value! I appreciate you and this award! Thank you!


  1. I want to thank you for coming to my blog and also adding Book Heaven to your sidebar…I am so impressed with your About page…the new camera does justice for the glasses of wine and the tree lights glistening through.


    1. Omigoodness, Patty. Thank you for this award. I’m not sure I understand awards (being so new at this blogging gig,) so please know that I’m honored that you thought of me and thank you so much.


  2. Happy New Year 2014.

    Your camera has fantastic zoom and what is the best, is that it is optical. Also the max ISO setting 3200 is great. It helps to shoot photos inside buildings without flash. Very useful!

    BTW, my first digital camera from 2004 had only 5.0 megapixels. Next from 2006 had 8.3 MP. The camera from 2008 which I use nowadays has 12.3 MP. It is only camera, no video.


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