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True Hero

Today the biggest Memorial Day tribute in the United States took place at Folsom Field in Boulder, Colorado.

It’s an annual event that takes place at noon every Memorial Day at the conclusion of the BolderBOULDER.

Unfortunately, in the last 5 months since pot became legal in Colorado, most of the focus in Colorado and the nation has been on that one subject.

Today, however, the focus was on veterans who have so bravely served and are still serving in our Armed Forces.

Two WWII veterans were especially honored today in Boulder, both having fought in the horrendous battle of Iwo Jima.  One of them, Jack Thurman, is a family friend.

Here are some  pictures of Jack that I took as we watched the whole event on TV.

So young…

Jack Thurman
Jack Thurman

On Iwo Jima…

On Iwo Jima
On Iwo Jima

After the long, bloody battle, Jack is on far left lifting his helmet high after the raising of the American flag on Iwo Jima!

After the Flag was Raised
After the Flag was Raised

Below is Jack today – a true hero and a good man!

Thank you, Jack, and thank you to all our veterans!

Have you thanked a Vet today?

Jack today.
Jack today.



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There are some days when the last thing in the world I want to do is sit down at this computer and go online.  It’s happening more and more lately.

After twenty years of sitting at a computer with head-phones on typing medical reports for 10 to 12 hours a day, I’m enjoying my new-found freedom away from this computer!

My job was eliminated nearly a year ago and it has taken me all this time to reach this point.

At first,  I hardly knew what to do with myself AWAY from the computer.  Now, I LOVE being away from it, which is making daily blogging a bit of a task.

Now, for the sake of maintaining some quality to my blog, my posts from now on may not be daily, but 3-4 times weekly.    I’m not “leaving” or shutting it down.  I’m just relaxing and out enjoying life more.

With that said, here’s one place I was recently with a friend.

Cano's Wonderful Tea
Cano’s Wonderful Tea

It’s called Cano’s Collection in Cherry Creek.  It’s a lovely Tea Shop and Gift Shop, quite small, with great food and atmosphere.

Bob and Joyce are the owners and they have charming Welsh accents, as do many of the patrons who dine there.

It’s quiet and relaxing and their scones with Devon cream and jam are fantastic.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take as many pictures as I thought I had since my friend and I were having so much fun.   However, I do have a few.

This fellow greets you as you walk into the gift shop.  If you look through the windows, you can see the table with seating for two.  All of the tables are outside the gift shop and most are for two only.

Greetings, Lords and Ladies
Greetings, Lords and Ladies

This stein commemorates the Titanic.  I didn’t capture the detail very well, but it’s quite unique and beautiful.

The Titanic
The Titanic

And then there are shelves of imported goodies like Typhoo tea and lemon curd.   They also offer take-out of their scones, Devon cream, and other goodies.


And I do LOVE teapots.

Beautiful Teapot
Beautiful Teapot

Cano’s Collection, unfortunately, does not have a website, but you can get a bit more information here. 

The whole atmosphere of the place is relaxed and “quaint.”  No one was on their cell phones the whole two hours we were there.

And if you do go to Cano’s, I’d recommend the chicken pot pie.  Oh, my, it’s good!

Cano’s is located at 235 Fillmore Street in Denver and is a delightful get-away for a couple of hours of good conversation and simple, yet tasty food.

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Bloomin’ Flower or Maybe Not

Husband:   “Honey, can you remember what we planted in that big pot near the patio last year?  I think there’s a weed coming up, but I’m not sure.”

Me:   “Yes.  It was a citronella plant and I think it should be back this year.  Let me take a look.”

Uh…    Hello citronella…

Citronella? Maybe not.
Citronella? Maybe not.


Easter was a blessing and is now a happy memory.

Lots of family love.  Hugs galore.  Laughter.

And memories – sweet memories.

Cooking and preparing for 20 guests was a bit of a challenge for me.  Clearly, I’m not as young as I used to be!  But every minute of preparation and work was worth it.

So now I’ve “recovered” and am back to blogging…and happy to be back!

Easter 2014
Easter 2014
Love this wreath
Love this wreath


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Life Happens

Life happens.

Things get busy and priorities must be addressed.

I’m back now – at least for a while, God willing.

And hopefully, no more computer issues or camera issues!  (Doggone technology!)

One not-so-small project started with this…

It started with this...
It started with this…


And this…

And this...
And this…


Which led to this – (painting project)

Which led to this...
Which led to this…


And this….

And this...
And this…


And will be finished after April 17th with the addition of this….

And will end with this...
And will end with this…

Lots of other life stuff happened in between all these pictures, too.  Whew!!!

When the whole project comes together, I’ll post pics because who doesn’t love it when a plan comes together???



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Dreaming Big

“Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations.  I may not reach them but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them and try to follow them.”
Louisa May Alcott

I’m dreaming big and aiming high…and seeing things from a different viewpoint.

Hopefully, there will be great things to share here on my blog soon.

Looking Up
Looking Up
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Footfalls echo in the memory
Down the passage which we did not take
Towards the door we never opened
~T.S. Eliot

Tonight is a night of memories – of laughter and tears – and of missing those in my life who have passed on.

It’s a night of longing for even more memories to come and of prayers for those with whom I wish to share those memories.

This blog is intended to be a pictorial representation of my life for 365 days – a “journal” for recording for me a hopefully new and refreshing perspective on life, with my camera as the tool for change.

I have been faithful to my goal. We are 67 days into 2014 and I have published 71 posts – at least 1 post a day.

Tonight, in order to maintain the integrity of my blogging goal,  all I have are feelings and memories – and there are no pictures that do them justice.  This short post, while meaningless to those so kind as to follow my blog, is but a wisp of my heart and soul exposed, not in a picture, but in the profound words of T.S. Eliot which I have quoted above.

Tonight, indeed, footfalls are echoing in my memory and I wouldn’t trade any of these blessed memories for anything!

Tomorrow – photos again!

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Hoar Frost

According to the Online Dictionary, hoar frost is “Frozen dew that forms a white coating on a surface.”

We’ve seen plenty hoar frost this winter.  This picture reminds me of the flocking on a Christmas tree.

Hoar Frost
Hoar Frost

“All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.

From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring;
Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
The crownless again shall be king.”  
―     J.R.R. Tolkien,     The Fellowship of the Ring

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Alone and Beautiful
Alone and Beautiful

I took this picture the end of summer last year.  It was all alone – the last of its kind – blooming at the Denver Botanic Gardens.  It made me sad to see it so beautiful and so alone, mostly because this bloom and I have much in common.

While the rest of the Gardens was full of flowers blooming together in riotous color and abundance, this bloom was all alone, much like I have been most of my life.

I was a lonely child growing up.

I’ve had a long, lonely marriage.

And with age has come the intense loneliness and “grieving” for the babies who never came and the grandchildren who will never be.

Those supposedly much wiser than I have said that you can’t miss what you’ve never had.  They’re wrong.

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Beauty in the Mundane

The purpose of this blog is to document a personal quest.    I am bored, restless and frustrated with the mundane, little world around me, and starved for beauty and inspiration.

My goal with this 365-day photo challenge is to uncover beauty in places I’ve never looked before – places right here, in my own home, backyard, city and state.  My goal is to change ME, the way I see,  and how I show-up in the world around me.

I live in a busy, crowded suburb of a big city, which for me equates to BORING.  I have long envied those who create stunning photos like FS Photography  or Derwent Valley Photography (wow), or Vit Peyr  who are surrounded by history, beauty, and the wonders of the world.

Yet I know there is still beauty to be found all around me if I only have “the eyes to see it.”  So, I’ve decided to “grow where I’m planted,” to open my eyes, and to appreciate the beautiful gems of life right here in my own little world.

Already, through the lens of my camera, I have begun to discover many things I’ve too long taken for granted and beauty I have long overlooked.

Truly, I am discovering that ordinary things can become beautiful when seen through the eyes of appreciation, gratitude, or love.