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There are some days when the last thing in the world I want to do is sit down at this computer and go online.  It’s happening more and more lately.

After twenty years of sitting at a computer with head-phones on typing medical reports for 10 to 12 hours a day, I’m enjoying my new-found freedom away from this computer!

My job was eliminated nearly a year ago and it has taken me all this time to reach this point.

At first,  I hardly knew what to do with myself AWAY from the computer.  Now, I LOVE being away from it, which is making daily blogging a bit of a task.

Now, for the sake of maintaining some quality to my blog, my posts from now on may not be daily, but 3-4 times weekly.    I’m not “leaving” or shutting it down.  I’m just relaxing and out enjoying life more.

With that said, here’s one place I was recently with a friend.

Cano's Wonderful Tea
Cano’s Wonderful Tea

It’s called Cano’s Collection in Cherry Creek.  It’s a lovely Tea Shop and Gift Shop, quite small, with great food and atmosphere.

Bob and Joyce are the owners and they have charming Welsh accents, as do many of the patrons who dine there.

It’s quiet and relaxing and their scones with Devon cream and jam are fantastic.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take as many pictures as I thought I had since my friend and I were having so much fun.   However, I do have a few.

This fellow greets you as you walk into the gift shop.  If you look through the windows, you can see the table with seating for two.  All of the tables are outside the gift shop and most are for two only.

Greetings, Lords and Ladies
Greetings, Lords and Ladies

This stein commemorates the Titanic.  I didn’t capture the detail very well, but it’s quite unique and beautiful.

The Titanic
The Titanic

And then there are shelves of imported goodies like Typhoo tea and lemon curd.   They also offer take-out of their scones, Devon cream, and other goodies.


And I do LOVE teapots.

Beautiful Teapot
Beautiful Teapot

Cano’s Collection, unfortunately, does not have a website, but you can get a bit more information here. 

The whole atmosphere of the place is relaxed and “quaint.”  No one was on their cell phones the whole two hours we were there.

And if you do go to Cano’s, I’d recommend the chicken pot pie.  Oh, my, it’s good!

Cano’s is located at 235 Fillmore Street in Denver and is a delightful get-away for a couple of hours of good conversation and simple, yet tasty food.

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A Little N’awlins in Colorado

Mimi’s Cafe is a lovely restaurant in Aurora with excellent food and  colorful New Orleans decor.

A friend and I recently had a most enjoyable lunch soaking up the French ambiance and enjoying the excellent food.

When you can’t get away to the “real deal,” Mimi’s “let’s the good times roll” with near-real sights, sounds, and tastes of N’awlins.

Let the Good Times Roll
Let the Good Times Roll
And All That Jazz
And All That Jazz
Nowhere to Go
Nowhere to Go


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There once was a saying that all roads led to Rome and,  from what I’ve read, they had major problems with traffic congestion caused by donkey carts.

Today, no matter where I tried to drive, there were detours and traffic and lots and lots of irate drivers.

It seems that our fearless city leaders have contracted major construction or repairs for some reason or another on virtually every major thoroughfare in my neighborhood and, in fact, in the entire Denver-Metro area!   And all at the same blasted time!!!

So it appears to me that even today, after thousands of years and thousands of miles away, there’s still a problem with DONKEYS!

Road Closed
Road Closed


One of the Lucky Employed
One of the Lucky Employed


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Mindfulness – NOT!

Lately I’ve been reading a lot about mindful living and mindful eating and “being in the moment.”  One lesson is to savor each bite of food and eat with gratitude.

Yesterday, while eating lunch, my husband interrupted me with a smile when I was talking (and eating)  to ask if I was enjoying my sandwich.

Smart A**.     No wonder he was smiling.

So, how am I doing with mindful eating?   Not so very good, methinks!

Mindful Eating - NOT
Mindful Eating – NOT
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Life Happens

Life happens.

Things get busy and priorities must be addressed.

I’m back now – at least for a while, God willing.

And hopefully, no more computer issues or camera issues!  (Doggone technology!)

One not-so-small project started with this…

It started with this...
It started with this…


And this…

And this...
And this…


Which led to this – (painting project)

Which led to this...
Which led to this…


And this….

And this...
And this…


And will be finished after April 17th with the addition of this….

And will end with this...
And will end with this…

Lots of other life stuff happened in between all these pictures, too.  Whew!!!

When the whole project comes together, I’ll post pics because who doesn’t love it when a plan comes together???



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Alone and Beautiful
Alone and Beautiful

I took this picture the end of summer last year.  It was all alone – the last of its kind – blooming at the Denver Botanic Gardens.  It made me sad to see it so beautiful and so alone, mostly because this bloom and I have much in common.

While the rest of the Gardens was full of flowers blooming together in riotous color and abundance, this bloom was all alone, much like I have been most of my life.

I was a lonely child growing up.

I’ve had a long, lonely marriage.

And with age has come the intense loneliness and “grieving” for the babies who never came and the grandchildren who will never be.

Those supposedly much wiser than I have said that you can’t miss what you’ve never had.  They’re wrong.

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Tea Time and a Good Book

Nothing warms my heart on a cold day like a good book and a cup of nice, hot Twining’s Orange Bliss Tea.

In hopes of capturing the “warm fuzzy” of the moment I was enjoying, I took this photograph in natural light, no flash, with my new Samsung camera.  It didn’t go so very well.   After taking many shots, from various angles, this is the best I could do.  Sigh….

Tea Time
Tea Time

This much I can say for sure.   I have developed a true respect and appreciation for the knowledge and/or artistic “eye” of a skilled photographer.

I’m learning that so many of the beautiful photographs I enjoy on various blogs  like eTravelog, a blog about Michael’s travels through Europe as an au pair with stunning pictures of the Alps, and Eyes to Heart   with all her lovely horse and animal pictures, require time and focus – and, yes, great subject matter, too.

Great subject matter is something I DON”T have.  My little home is tired and worn out and needs a “face-lift.”   And, I’d be happy if I could have one, too.  🙂    (Maybe I just need to smile more…)

Unfortunately, I’m not in a position to travel, which I would dearly love to do given the resources to do so.

Some days my life seems devoid of beauty, so simple and mundane.  I’ve come to realize this more and more as I search for beauty through my camera’s lens.

So, is it my world or me who is devoid of beauty?

Is beauty a matter of simple appreciation for where we are and who we are with?   Or am I just not looking in the right places?  Is beauty first discovered within before one can see it without?

It seems that my blog has now evolved into a personal quest for beauty – and the finding, creating, and appreciation of it.

Who knew  on January 1, 2014, that my camera would lead me on an intensely personal journey of self-discovery?  Welcome to my self-study course, Finding Beauty 101.