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Spring house-cleaning, painting, carpet-cleaners coming tomorrow, furniture delivery on Thursday, car issues, an online class, and more friends than I can ever remember at one time wanting to meet for lunch, dinner, coffee…. and Easter is nearly here!

I need a clone!!!

Perhaps one of the lovely redheads in this group picture  (in a store at Cherry Creek North) would be willing to help me out.  :)

To clone or not to clone...

To clone or not to clone…

April Sunrise and Snow

It was 70 degrees here in Colorado on Saturday.  Yesterday it was in the 30′s.

This morning, Monday,  it’s 20 degrees and this is what the sunrise looked like this April 14th gloriously beautiful morning!

Sunrise Light Ray

Sunrise Light Ray



More Brrrr... Ice in April

More Brrrr… Ice in April



While walking in my backyard the other day, I was suddenly dive-bombed by this little one!   He or she scared the wits out of me!

There must be a nest close-by and I had the nerve to trespass!

I love spring!

Thou shalt not pass!



In indignant turn-of-the-back after issuing a stern warning to me.



Mindfulness – NOT!

Lately I’ve been reading a lot about mindful living and mindful eating and “being in the moment.”  One lesson is to savor each bite of food and eat with gratitude.

Yesterday, while eating lunch, my husband interrupted me with a smile when I was talking (and eating)  to ask if I was enjoying my sandwich.

Smart A**.     No wonder he was smiling.

So, how am I doing with mindful eating?   Not so very good, methinks!

Mindful Eating - NOT

Mindful Eating – NOT

More Signs of Spring

“Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!” 
Robin Williams

I couldn’t agree more with Robin Williams.  The last few days here in Colorado have had a definite party atmosphere.

Or is it just that I’m knee-deep in spring house-cleaning, painting, and de-cluttering in preparation for an Easter party in just over one week???

Perhaps it’s a whole lot of both!

Whatever it is, I’m listening to the music from “Gladiator” as I type this and attack the massive de-cluttering project on my agenda for today.

In the meantime, back to my spring evening in Cherry Creek North!   Just click on the pictures for an enlarged view.


Trees in bloom!

Trees in bloom!

More trees – not in bloom, but growing on a rooftop!

Rooftop trees

Rooftop trees

Where to find old and rare books – The Hermitage Bookstore

Love this Bookstore

Love this Bookstore

And a gorgeous moon at sunset -

Lovely moon in April

Lovely moon in April

And what better way to end a lovely evening than Starbuck’s?




Glorious Spring Day…

… and glorious April evening.

Last night I met friends for dinner in an upscale part of Denver called Cherry Creek North.

Cherry Creek North

Cherry Creek North

There were lots of people and dogs out last night enjoying the beautiful evening and of course, respecting all the laws, including the laws regarding parking and parking meters!

Dog at the Parking Meter

Dog at the Parking Meter

Big Boy So Good

Big Boy So Good

Cherry Creek has a large shopping mall which is very upscale, though still a typical mall.

However, just across the street from the mall to the north there are many unique, quaint, and even quirky shops to enjoy.

Here are a few of the quaint shops that provide some interesting services for those with money, like wine delivery!   Click on the pictures to enlarge and see more clearly.

The Wizards Chest

The Wizards Chest

The Twisted Tulip

The Twisted Tulip

Wine Delivery

Wine Delivery

Cano’s Welsh Tea Shoppe serves exceptional tea, scones, lemon curd and shepherd’s pie.

Cano's Wonderful Tea

Cano’s Wonderful Tea

Crepes N Crepes is the small French restaurant where I met my friends.  We sat outside and enjoyed a gorgeous spring evening of great food and great company.

Crepes N Crepes

Crepes N Crepes

Dining Outside

Dining Outside

I had such a fun evening.  Tomorrow, I have even more pictures to share of Cherry  Creek.

If you’re ever in Denver, Cherry Creek  is a very fun, though often busy place to visit and enjoy – especially on a beautiful spring evening.


Soon These Will Be Real

… but for now, they’re just a “silk” promise of what’s to be.

Yet even while waiting for the flowers to bloom, focusing on love – for family, friends, pets, life – keeps “spring” alive in our hearts which is why I think these words by the Irish poet Oscar Wilde are so true:

“Keep love in your heart.  A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead.  The consciousness of loving and being loved brings a warmth and richness to life that nothing else can bring.”

May your lives be blessed with the richness of love – and perhaps even flowers – today!

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